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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Alinco DR-438H: Review by Hans

Hans takes a look at the Alinco DR-438 monoband UHF mobile. This is the radio that looks like a rebranded Anytone AT-588. Read his article for the details, but it sounds like Alinco took the time and effort to make sure their version had several improvements. The bottom line for Hans is a) that it is worth the extra money over an AT-588 and b) he likes it well enough that he's going to buy it.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Alinco = AnyTone

Hans points out that Alinco is rebranding Anytone radios.
While the looks are still typical Alinco, inside it’s another story. The Alinco DR-138 and DR-438, two mono-band radios, are incarnations of the AnyTone AT-588 mono-band radios. The ‘all new’ DR-638 dual-band radio is an incarnation of the AnyTone AT-5888.
As I was posting this, I was going to add the Alinco label/tag and realized I had never used it before. Funny that I've made it four years without using it and now I add it because of Anytone.