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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Icom IP100H WLAN Radio

Radio or wireless VoIP PTT phone?

The Icom IP100H:
"The simplicity of this new system is that the communication is licence free and via a Wireless Local Access Network (WLAN) point….it literally uses the same technology we use to operate our tablets, mobile phones or PC’s. 
Icom’s new IP Advanced Radio System provides organisations with a simple radio system which is only restricted its range by the coverage area of a wireless LAN network. The communication range can easily be extended by adding more access points on an IP network. 
Main Features  
• Licence free radio system using a wireless LAN.
• Users can roam among deployed access points

• Dispersed sites can be connected over an IP network (VPN)

• WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK encryption protects your conversation security 

• No licence fee, no call charges 

• Use two way radio communications in previous areas where there was no coverage. 

• Up to 100 users can be loaded on a system and all users can communicate at the same time 

• The IP100FS remote communicator shows user position information based on access point information 

• Individual, Group conference call, All call, Area call, Priority call

• Full-duplex communication: Talk and receive simultaneously like a phone call (Optional headset required for IP100H)

• Press to talk operation like a conventional transceiver

• Unique Area call function can call any user who is accessing the specified access point

• Remote stun, kill, revive and monitor function (Transmit from IP100FS only)
• Status call and short data message with vibration alert
• Auto provisioning function helps easy transceiver configuration

• IP Phone and analogue transceiver interconnection with VE-PG3 

• IPX7 waterproof construction (IP100H only)"