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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Kirisun K700: Digital VHF HT

Thanks to Christian for the heads up via this tweet. Just in time for Christmas (well, not if you actually want one), the Kirisun K700 Digital VHF HT for $135.00 (USD).

Brand Name: Kirisun
Storage Channel: 256
Dimensions: 116mm x54mmx30mm
Frequency Range: 136-174MHz
Model Number: K700
Channel Spacing: 12.5KHz
Operating Voltage: 7.5V DC ±20%
Battery: 1500mAH Li-ion
RF Output Power: 4W/ 1W
Color: Black
Weight: 243g

KIRISUN K700 The transceiver is a micro-miniature multiband FM transceiver with extensive receive frequency coverage, providing local-area two-way amateur communications along with unmatched monitoring capability


Product Features:
Excellent noise suppression, digital voice clarity
Digital / analog compatible analog devices to ensure a smooth transition
Ten million sets of figures key voice encryption, safe and secure
Digital intelligent signaling, richer management scheduling function

Function Description:
1. FDMA frequency division multiple access technology, spectrum efficiency improved several times;
2. support digital mode, analog mode
3. the digital voice encryption
4. a variety of call mode, all call, group call, a call, emergency call
5. PTT default contact (group) call
6. the emergency alarm (single, joint) 3 × 4 modes
7. Stun, activate
8. the working status query
9. the digital power saving mode
10. 1.8-inch large LCD display, support icon display for easy SMS messages, call records read;
11. low power, signal strength, battery capacity display, real-time understanding work status
12. call history, call records can be displayed 20;
13. address book function, support 50 contacts;
14. you can edit SMS function, the default shortcut short message
15. manual dialing
16. calls and SMS ringing Tips
17. firmware programming mode (software upgrades);

General features:
1. in English operation interface
2. the emission of high and low power selectable
3. three-color LED indicates sending, receiving, scanning and other state
4. channel lock, keypad lock function
5. whisper function
6. sub audio / digital tone
7. the end eliminate
8. the monitoring function
9. mixed scanning
10. TOT emission limit protection
11. the calculator

Frequency Range
Channel Capacity
Channel Spacing
Operating Temperature
-25°c~ +55°c
Operating Voltage
7.5V DC ±20%
1500mAH Li-ion
Frequency Stability
±2.5 ppm
Dimension (with battery and antenna)
116mm x54mmx30mm
Weight (with battery and antenna)
RF Power Output
4W/ 1W
Frequency Modulation
16KφF3E/11KφF3E (Analog)
Antenna Impedance
Modulation Limiting
Radiated Spurious Emission
-36dBm < 1GHz
-30dBm > 1GHz
FM Noise
45dB 25KHz
40dB 12.5KHz
Modulation Distortion
< 3%
Reference Sensitivity
0.25μV 12.5KHz
Adjacent Channel Selectivity
60dB 2.5KHz
60 dB
Spurious Response Rejection
60 dB
Rated Audio Output
Rated Audio Distortion

Package Contents:
  • 1 x Kirisun K700 Digital Two-way Radio(VHF 136-174MHz)
  • 1 x 7.4V 1500mAh KB-760 Li-ion Battery
  • 1 x VHF 136-174MHz Antenna.
  • 1 x Belt Clip.
  • 1 x ENG Manual
  • 1 x Charger with Adapter (Provide PSU plug for your Country)
  • 1 x Hand STRAP