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Saturday, November 24, 2012

MYT MYT-Q1 and MYT-Q2 - Nate's Research

Mega apologies to Nate!!. He sent me this information a long time ago and I've been trying to dig out of my backlog, so I'm just now getting to it. And since I've been working from newest to oldest, I posted about the MYT yesterday without even making the connection to all of his work that you will see below. On to the radios...


409Shop have now a new brand - MYT. Looking carefully it looks like these are VHF only with a very simple, single frequency display.

It seems like there are actually two models. First look:

MYTQ1V - comes in Black, Blue, and Yellow - It looks like they borrowed the design of the case from Icom's IC-91A (and also similar to the Puxing PX-325/PX-333, Ronson RT-6100 or TYT's TH-F5). The cost though is lower only $45.50 (compare to the Puxing brand: $59, Ronson's: $65, TYT: $64.50).

MYTQ2V - Yellow only - Looks very much like Ronson RT-966 radio design, and share the unusual spot for the alarm button on the top of the radio (where you Baofeng users are used to find your LED flashlight).

A closer look at the photos reveals two interesting points.

The MYTQ2V has a mini USB data plug, and a non Kenwood style speaker/microphone jack. My guess here is that you will be able to use any standard USB to mini USB data cable to program this radio.

The MYTQ1V has what looks like a standard Kenwood style speaker/microphone/data jacks.

Both radios have a dedicated display light button and a dedicated channel monitor. If you have a Baofeng UV-5R or similarly designed radio, you probably noticed how annoying a combined Lamp\CH.Monitor button can be.

Both radios have 7.4V 1800mAh batteries (Compare to only 1200mAh - 1500mAh)

The big surprise though is that if you look on both radios, the writing next to the display says: VHF/UHF FM TRANSCEIVER. The specs though states only the usual 136-174 MHz.

Being me, I just couldn't accept the discrepancy, and started investigating.

Who are you MYT?

A quick look around shows two web addresses, one that they own: and an Alibaba sub-domain. The company name is: Fujian Quanzhou MYT Electronics Co., Ltd.



What did I find?

MYT-Q1 - Actually comes in Black, Blue, Yellow and Red
MYT-Q2 - Actually comes in Black, Blue, Yellow and Green (Brick's note - yes, that horrible green I posted about yesterday.)

The two use different antenna connectors.

It very well may be that there are MYT-Q1 single band radios and MYT-Q2 single band radio, and the same models/cases that are dual band radios as well. There is this picture:

The red MYT-Q1 shows 250.425MHz which is within Thailand's CB-style short range service, you can read more about it here.  Here is another picture showing the red radio.

At one place, it says:

Frequency Range: 400-470MHZ, 136-174MHZ, 200-26...

Snd the table below says:

Frequency Range: 136-174MHZ | 400-470MHZ

And another thing at the same page, if you scroll down, you see that only the black radio has an LED flash light on top, while the other colors don't. The black radio on 409Shop does not have the LED flashlight.

You can buy the flashlight version on Aliexpress here:  Cost: $37 + Shipping: $26.53 - they do combine shipping, the shipping for two units, for example, is only: $42.42.

Bottom line: It's not clear weather these radios are single/dual or tri-banders. I think that any brand that respects itself should be clear about these things.


Thanks again to Nate for playing detective and pulling all of this information together. Based on what I read and the price, I'm going to assume these are all single or dual band radios with different versions for different bands to get the representative frequencies of 148, 250, and 403 as show in the picture, and as Nate says, it would be really nice if it stated more plainly. As usual, if anything is incorrect above, it is probably the edits I made.

Friday, November 23, 2012

MYT MYT-Q1: Colors

Steve sent me a link to this MYT-Q1. It is noteworthy only for the blinding green color. I suspect it has an extra battery pack just to provide energy for the glowing case.

If that green isn't your cup of tea, then why not send in your Icom IC7200 for a multicam or safety orange paint job. (Links also via Steve.)

If you are actually interested in a MYT radio, Hans posted about the MYT-Q2.