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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Thanks to Nate for pointing out this new radio.

A new day, a new Chinese HT... this time it is the NKT NKT-R5. My best guess is that this is the company and the product page. The Transmission1 guys think it looks like a VX-8.

·Full Range Design /Keypad Operation
·Dual Display, Dual Standby
·Professional Quality, Built Solid
·Handsfree VOX/CTCSS/DSC Tone
·Low Voltage Alarm/ Battery Save
·Priority Channel Scan
·Emergency Alarm
·FM Radio
·Keypad Lock
·Busy Channel Lockout
·Lamp Function
·Self-switch off Function

·Frequency Rang:UVF:136-174MHz,400-470MHz
·Channel Capacity:100
·Battery Capacity:1200 mAh/ Li battery
·Operating Voltage:7.4V
·Speaker Impedance:8Ω
·Antenna Impedance:50Ω
·RF Power Output:VHF 5W/UHF 4W
·Frequency Stability:±2.5ppm
·Residual Wave Radiation:60dB
·Channel Power:70dB
·Receive Sensitivity:0.18μV
·Audio Distortion:≤5%
·Audio Output Power:500mW

You can buy the NKT-R5 at the 409Shop for $57.00 (USD).

I briefly mentioned the NKT-R3 way back in July 2011.

Friday, July 8, 2011

NKT-R3: UHF Micro Handheld

These VX-3R clones must be growing on trees. The NKT-R3 is a UHF 70cm only rig, but shares the popular micro HT form factor. One interesting note, it looks like the charger is made up of the wall wart and a USB cable. I would assume you can charge this radio via USB. I need to track down the power specs and see if the DC power plug is the same as the UV-3R. Like most of the Chinese handheld transceivers, this one includes an LED flashlight function or as they call it "LED ICLUMINATION".

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