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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Shouao TS-668: Dual Band Mobile

You guys know how excited I was by the Leixen VV-808 mobile... I am on a quest for a simple, inexpensive mobile. I keep thinking if the Chinese can make good, cheap HTs that a mobile should be easy to do as well.

The Shouao TS-688 came across my radar and I thought maybe this is the one. It is even dual-band.

Specs are below.
main functions:
*  Frequency Range:   VHF:136-174MHz   245-245.9875MHz (220-260MHz)
                                        UHF: 400-480MHz
*  Output Power:       VHF: 10W/25W/60W
                                       UHF: 45W/25W/10W
*  1750Hz Tone
*  CTCSS/DCS setting & scanning
*  0-9 SQL grade setting
*  Frequency/Channel scanning
*  High/Mid/Low power selectable
*  Voice compander
*  Repeater offset shift
*  Keypad lock function
*  Contact book
*  Battery voltage display
*  DTMF/2 tone/5 tone
*  Remote kill/ stun/ activate/ revive
*  Emergenvy alarm
*  Wide/Narrow band setting
*  TX inhibit
*  Busy Channel Lock-Out
*  Channel name editing
*  Reverse frequency
*  Talk around
*  Scrambler(Optional)
*  Voice prompt
*  Time-out Timer
*  Auto Power off
*  VFO step setting:5/6.25/10/12.5/20/25/50kHz
Based Functions:
Semi-duplexer channels(UHF/66CH VHF/66CH)
High/Low power output(45W/High 30W/Low)
Large LCD display and button background light
Built-in CTCSS/DCS
Busy channel locked(BCL)
Time-out timer(TOT)
Optional encrypted board
PC and manual programming

That all sounded pretty good. Then I got a reply from the supplier saying that the cost for a single unit was $176 USD. I don't even know if that includes shipping. At that price, it didn't matter.

So what am I missing? Why is it so hard for someone to make a cheap mobile? Or am I the only one interested in them, so there really isn't demand to go down this path?