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Thursday, December 15, 2011


I get e-mails about surveys all the time. Some of which are through LinkedIn or TechSay. These surveys promise a reward for completing the survey. If I have time, I complete these surveys with care. I figure it is a business transaction and I should earn by reward by being thoughtful in my answers. I, of course, answer truthfully and on many occasions am told I don't fit the target pool they are researching. Overall, this is a win for both parties. They get data. I get a gift card or other reward.

However, some of the e-mails tell me I may win a thumb drive (or some cash or a widget) if I complete the survey and I am one of the first 250 people to respond. Unless I am unemployed and desperate for any sort of "income," I will never complete one of the surveys. A million people could have gotten that e-mail before I did. I think it is even more ludicrous when I get one of these "first 250" through the postal service.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Your State is #1 at Something Bad

Article: The United States of Shame - What is your state the worst at?

I was surprised to see Tennessee at #1 for corruption. I'd like to think that we are just good at (eventually) rooting out the few cases of corruption while other states are underreporting their problems, because the criminals are never caught and prosecuted.

Via Exurban League.