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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Topsung TS-689: 10W, Triband

I waited a few days to do my regurgitating of Hans' discovery of the Topsung TS-689. I thought I might see what others thought as his posts usually get people chiming in if they have any experience with a particular radio. In this case, no one seems to have the 10 watt, tri-band handheld transceiver. I couldn't even find a different picture of the radio.
Description:Tri-band: 136-174MHz / 350-400MHz / 400-470MHz• Tri-band, dual display and stand-by• DTMF encode and decode• ANI function• 2 tone encode and decode functions• 1750Hz tone• CTCSS / DCS• 200 memory channels• FM radio• Torch light function• Reverse function• HI/MI/LO power selective, max.: 10W• Scrambler function
While 10W and a tri-bander might interest some, I agree that the extra 5W isn't worth much and there are better choices than 350 – 400 MHz.