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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Baofeng Tech UV-5X3: KD8DVR Review

John, KD8DVR, reviews the BTECH UV-5X3 HT. Read the whole thing at the link, but to cut to the chase:
"All in all, a great radio.  Most of the issues have been resolved that plague Baofengs.  All I'd improve, I covered in the "sucky stuff" section.  None of that is really a deal breaker.  The lack of an FCC ID makes me a little hinky; but, hopefully this will be resolved.Personally, I recommend the radio.  It is a great way to get three band capability at a budget cost.  You add this to their level of customer service and wow.... perfect combination!BTECH made a winner."
Get one at Amazon or the BTECH website.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Baofeng UV-5X3: Miklor Review

And speaking of tri-band radios, John has his review of the UV-5X3 tri-bander (Amazon $64.89) up at his site:
"Although the case design is familiar, the radio inside is not. BTech has recently introduced the new UV-5X3 to the US Ham Radio market. This radio is a true tri-band transceiver with internal filters specifically configured for tri-band operation."
And he concludes:
"The UV-5X3 firmware has obviously been reworked to include:
- Tri-Band Support: VHF/1.25M/UHF
- D-ANI (Display incoming DTMF Tones)
- Synchronized Displays
- DTMF audio gain level adjustment
- Add / Remove Channels from Scanning list via keypad (LCD Dot Indication)
- On the Fly scanning by Frequency Range
- 4 Tone Burst options
- Remote Stun, Kill, Revive
- One watt audio output 
It appears that BTech has once again managed to stay one step ahead of the curve. With the 220 MHz ham band operation back on the rise in the US, this radio hit the market at the right time. Even if 220 isn't popular in your area, the additional new features still give it an edge over the traditional dual band series."

Friday, August 19, 2016

Baofeng Tech: UV-5X3 Tri-band HT

BaoFeng Tech has announced their new lasted HT... the UV-5X3 tri-bander (Amazon $64.89).
From the press release:
"First and foremost, the UV-5X3 was built by adding filtering and support for the 220MHz Amateur band. The original UV-5R was a 4-watt dual-band radio; while the UV-5X3 can now output 5-watts on VHF and 4-watts on both 1.25M and UHF. The UV-5X3 focused specifically on the amateur band frequencies of the 1.25M band during design. The UV-5X3 supports: 65-108MHz (RX only - FM Radio), 130-179.99MHz (RX/TX), 222-225.99MHz (RX/TX), and 400-520.99MHz (RX/TX)"
The announcement also talks about simplified scanning, the option to sync the display (channel name and frequency), CHIRP as the programming software, and more.