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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Runbo X5: Notes

Anger comments on the Runbo X5 Android phone with UHF:
"Have good and BAD news...Phone works, but there is a software problem with the Walkie Talkie mode.
1: If you go and set it as per page 7 of the manual;
• Select Australia say channel 25 Frequency 477.0250
• You can PPT (transmit (TX) no problems)
• However you cannot receive?????????????
2: If you select one of the 6 programmable options and manually set the Frequency for e.g.
• TX 477.0250 and RX 477.0250 ( Channel 25 frequency)
• It all works as one would expect….
• You can transmit and receive from others using hand and fixed Walkie Talkie‘s and it works well.
You also have to pre-program the 2 emergency channels – otherwise it is useless if you need for urgent / medical reasons.
So if you only ever use a limited set up to 4 channels and you pre-program the phone; then you’re OK… But if someone wants you to go to another channel, then you have to manually delete and re program…
If there is a FIX for this I would love to know what it is...."

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Runbo X5: Android Mobile with UHF

Thanks to an anonymous comment on this post about the Android HT, I present the Runbo X5. The Runbo X5 is a ruggedized Android mobile phone with a built-in UHF (400 - 470 MHz) radio. Clearly, this goes well beyond the basic Android HT we were considering given the mobile phone, IP67 rating, etc. and the price goes up accordingly, but now we have an example of one Android HT implementation.

My Russian is as poor as my Chinese, but I think this post may be correct - the antenna is for the UHF radio, not the mobile phone functionality.

Here is some translated commentary from a review of the previous model, but I think we get the gist of the UHF "intercom" capability:
"Intercom function is a feature of the Runbo X3, no cell phone, no cell phone card case, within a distance of 3 to 5 km, free flowing intercom, the signal is clear, open distance greater than 10 km . The intercom function is all free, ALICE can freely travel are between the timely sharing the joy of the journey."