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Monday, September 2, 2013

Zastone ZT-9908: Digital Radio

Nate found another digital radio... the Zastone ZT-9908. You can get one for $97 at Amazon or $103 on eBay.

"Zastone (a company known to release clones of the UV-5R, and more recently a clone of the BJ-9000) have updated their website recently."

They are now offering a UHF only digital radio. Users manual is here (PDF). And the specs are as follows:

DPMR Digital Standard
Analog ,Digital , both ,Channel Selection
Multi Working modes optional
Aadvanced Organic Electroluminesence Display
199 storage channel
Single Call ,Selective Call ,Group Call function
Message Edit ,Send and Receive support 
ANI ID Function
Time display & setable
CTCSS 50/DCS 104
DTMF Function
Multi Frequency Step Setting
Repeater Offset
Priority Channel Scan
Scanning modes Selection
Channels Name Edit

Frequency: 430.000MHz—470.000MHz
Channels: 199
Channel space: Digital:6.25 kHz ;Anolog:25/12.5kHz
Size: 132*63*40mm
Operating Temperature: -10-- +55 degrees
Power Voltage: 7.4V
Standby Current: About 35mA
Weight: about 300g

RF power output: 7.4V   HI≈4W±1dB   LO≈1W
Emission Current: HI≤1.6A   LO≤0.80A
Maximum Frequency deviation: Wide band±5.0/Narrow band 2.5kHz
Harmonic: <-65db div="">
Adjacent channel Power: Wide band 60DB/ Narrow band 65DB

Sensitivity: <0 .25uv="" db="" div="" s="">
SQ sensitivity: <0 .16uv="" div="">
Intermodulation rejection: 55dB
Audio output: ≥800mW
Receiving current: ≤300mA
SQ standby: Average 35mA

Radio ZT-9908 *1
Battery 1800Mah *1
Charger *1 (AC adaptor & desktop)
Antenna *1
Back clip *1
Strap *1
Manual in English *1