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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tiny 2M Receiver

I was running the other day while listening to my iPod and was wishing I had a 2M receiver in that form factor. I thought it would be nice to listen to have the option of listening to the repeaters. (Even a UV-3R would be too big for my ideal running companion.) My 6th generation iPod Nano uses the headphone wire as the antenna, but I prefer the physical buttons of my 2nd generation iPod Shuffle. Being able to easily start or stop a scan while on the move would be great. And while I am dreaming, I want to use CHIRP to load the repeater frequencies.

Anybody seen anything close to what I'm talking about? Am I the only one that would be interested in this sort of device?

(This reddit post got me thinking about this again. I think about lots of things while I run, but that's not the best time for me to record them for later.)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


harrymccracken iPod Touch now starts at $199, matching the Kindle Fire. IT'S A KINDLE FIRE KILLER!Tue, Oct 04 13:55:11 from Mobile Web

Funny, but I disagree. The iPod Touch has a 3.5" screen. The Kindle Fire has a 7" screen. As certain demographics will tell you, size matters and that is a significant difference. It's like double or something! I just don't see them as direct competitors.