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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Blackbox (Baofeng) Base Station

A while back I posted about what I called the Blackbox Baofeng Base Station. The guys over at BuyTwoWayRadios discuss the Blackbox base station on their podcast. They've watched the video from Richard Klein (see below). There isn't a ton of information, so they speculate a little, ask some questions, and offer some opinions. I pretty much agree with everything they say - interesting idea, mounting to the wall would be odd unless the antenna rotates, either this is a repackaged Baofeng or they are taking advantage of popular (thus cheaper) components, and the $239.95 price tag means few amateurs will be interested.

What I don't understand is the comment left on their post - the name displayed with the comment is Richard Klein:
"You should ask questions before you post ignorant comments.
Yes we use a Baofeng keypad and screen due to low cost, but the entire thing from there is custom.
The power supply is modified to accept AC.
The speaker output is 3X a portable radio (4 Ohm speaker with amplifier).
The housing is custom.
The circuitry is completely modified with high quality shielding, voltage protection, and coil mod.
So you think it's a Vega from the headlights, but we wrapped it in a Ferrari body, and put a Maserati engine inside."
Drop the first and last lines and you've got a helpful response. I really don't think anything said in the podcast was as harsh as the response.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Blackbox (Baofeng) Base Station

A little something via Facebook to spice up your morning...

I saw thumbnail of that image first. I thought it was an Atari joystick.