Saturday, December 6, 2014


I concur.

Debian Hamradio

Baofeng UV-82: BaofengTech Camo Version

First, many thanks to Baofeng Tech for sending this radio to me!

I usually post about how I like getting radios in bright colors, so I didn't think I would be a big fan of the new camo Baofeng versions. Well, I was wrong. I really like the way this camo UV-82 looks. My pictures do not do it just. I'll have to figure out a better way to show off the pattern.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


When it comes to troubleshooting, hash is a four letter word.

Monday, December 1, 2014

NoteSlate - Unstoppable!

And it just won't die...

Baofeng BF-F8HP and UV-82C: Via BaofengTech

I posted about the Cyber Monday deals at BaofengTech, but I have more good news from them. Christmas has come early as I received a BF-F8HP (15% off today!) and a UV-82C from BaofengTech over the week-end. I've not even opened the boxes yet, but this is good news for me and for you, so stay tuned!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

BaofengTech Cyber Monday Deals

Look for the following specials form BaofengTech tomorrow on Cyber Monday:

FTDI Programming Cable: $17.16 (15% off) 
Genuine Nagoya 771 (Green Bag, Black Silk Screen): $13.59 (20% off) 
BF-F8HP: $53.45 (15% off)

If you see this on Sunday night, you will see the prices with out the discounts.

Anytone AT-5888UV III: Tri-band Update

Also from Nate:
"Finally the first Chinese IARU 2 (Americas) Tri-Band (2m, 1.25m and 70cm) amateur radio has a delivery day:
The long awaited AnyTone AT-5888UV III can be ordered now here: 
$330 (includes priority mail shipping, special intro price until 2014-12-15), after which, it`s going to be $395
Can't wait to see some reviews."
Details from the Import Communications website:

AnyTone AT-5888UV III
Frequency Range:
Left Side RX/TX  136-174 MHz, 200-260 MHz, 400-490 MHz
Left Side RX Only  AM: 108-134 MHz (Airband)
Right Side RX/TX  136-174 MHz, 400-490 MHz
Right Side RX Only  AM: 108-134 MHz (Airband)
Working Mode  Full Duplex - UU, UV, VV
  Repeater Mode - UV, VU
Dual Receive  Side A & Side B
Output Power  55 Watts VHF, 40 Watts UHF
  Low Power Steps, 10w / 5w

first factory run of this radio will be December 1st.
you may order now for end of December delivery
your payment will be processed during checkout
MSRP  $395.00
special pre-order price offer good thur Dec 15th 

Icom IC-718: $599 Free Shipping

A deal alert from Nate:
"I think that this is a good BF/CM deal for new hams, or older hams that never got into HF. 
$600 for a new Icom IC-718 
eHam reviews:"