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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Linux Networking

I thought this was kinda cool...

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Docker and Windows

I'd been looking at Docker and saw this Slashdot post about a Windows container technology. As I was reading the comments, it made me think of how we used to setup a new Windows 3.1 machine. Basically, we got the machine on the network (with a PE3 if we had to problems!) and copied all the folders down. Change a few config/ini files and it was ready to go. Looks like I wasn't the only one thinking this way.

Jellomizer says in this comment:
"The is to solve the problem is simple. Keep the apps self contained. No shared libraries or dll. To move the package you just move the directory containing the app to an other location. Some will say that is how Macs do it. But I would go further and say that is how it was done in DOS. 
The shared library is an out of date concept, while sounds good when storage was expensive, today we are virtualizing full platforms just to prevent version incomparably.
What may be a little bonus is to give application/process level networking settings so you can just virtual network your app from the OS"

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Package Manager for Windows 10: OneGet

Install applications from the PowerShell command line in Windows 10:
"With Windows 10, however, we are finally getting an official package manager: OneGet. In the current build of Windows 10 Technical Preview, you can open up PowerShell and use OneGet to install thousands of applications with commands such as Find-Package VLCand Install-Package Firefox."
I'm not sure why the article says this is to the lament of Linux users.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Upside Down

So Apple had to pull back the iOS 8.0.1 update. And now there is the Shellshock BASH vulnerability.

Time to upgrade your Mac or Linux box to Windows for a secure computing environment!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Tech Challenge of the Day

I'm trying to learn some Linux, so I've got Ubuntu installed on an old Dell Mini 10v. That seems to be working well.

The problem is trying to get SSH access over the internet to it. I've got a Comcast/Xfinity SMCD3GNV (Cable modem, wireless access point, router, phone) along with the Asus RT-N66U wireless router. The SMCD3GNV has the public IP on the WAN interface and a LAN interface IP of I can login to it and make changes.

My RT-N66U gets a address from the SMCD3GNV on its WAN port. I've got it configured to have the address on the LAN interface. My clients connect to the RT-N66U - including the Ubuntu box.

I've done some research and apparently I want my SMCD3GNV to be in bridge mode. I called Comcast and they said they put it in bridge mode. I'm not convinced it is actually in bridge mode. When they put it in bridge mode, the WiFi light should stay off according to one article I read. Unfortunately, it occasionally blinks and the admin web page has an icon that is green, but the mouse-over says "Status: Not Connected ; 0 computers connected."

I've tried all sorts of tom-foolery with the port forwarding, DMZ, static addresses, etc. I've tried to take the Asus out the mix by plugging the Ubuntu box into the SMCD3GNV and enable port forwarding to it. Still no joy.

Per this post, if you go into debug mode and enter this: $("#pageForm1").show(); at the console, you can see the Bridge Mode button.

I was going to work on it some more last night, but the storms knocked our cable out. It just was not meant to be. Maybe today or tomorrow or the next day...

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Gadgets and Gimics

For the most part, I'm not spending money on anything but the essentials, so I won't pony up for these, but I thought they were cool.

First, the Rocketfish™ - 3' Lighted Lightning Charge/Sync Cable. The cable is illuminated along its length. The lights show the flow of the charge - fast as it does the rapid charge, slowing as the charge nears 100%, and turning off when the charge is complete.

I also keep thinking about getting a Raspberry Pi, but since I'm not a Linux guy, I might need this Linux Cheat Sheet Shirt.

Via LifeHacker

Friday, February 18, 2011

DreamPlug ARM Plug Computer

I don't need one. I don't even have a use for one. So why do I think I should buy a plug computer every time someone releases a new one - like the DreamPlug.

Via Thinq.

Unbrick a plug computer via