Friday, August 26, 2016

VolNet DMR and TYT MD-380

Putting the logo on the TYT MD-380 might be enough reason to buy one! Tennessee and ham radio for the win!

Ham Licenses

Ham licenses chart.

Up: Total, Extra, Technician
This is a high water mark for all three. I wonder if the introduction of the new Extra question pool prompted some people to make the move to Extra now. The trends are interesting to watch regardless.

Down: General, Advanced, Novice
No surprise that Advanced and Novice are going down since no new licenses are being issued for these classes. General licenses are expiring or being upgraded to Extra. We just aren't seeing the move from Technician to General to offset the other loses. The high water mark for General was December 2015, so not that long ago.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Computer Magic

iRadio CP-168: OPG Review

"I have a weakness for exotic, tiny radios. Usually because they’re inexpensive and unusual. The iRadio CP-168 definitely fits the description. 
This radio is approximately the size of a speaker microphone from other radios but still boasts a 2 W transmitter power. One feature that sets this apart from the usual entries in the Baofeng 666/777/888 or other small radios is the 128 channel memory capacity. 
One thing about this radio that catches the eye and tingles my geek nerve is the hidden display. Similar to the MotoTRBO SL300 radios, the iradio CP 168 uses LEDs that shine through the front of the case. Unless the display is in use, you would not even know that it is there."
 You can get them on Amazon ($53.80 for a pair) or individually at the 409Shop ($39.50 each).

Monday, August 22, 2016

WLN KD-C1: M3HHY Review

Lewis, M3HHY, reviews the WLN KD-C1:
"I tested out some repeaters and managed to open repeater 20 miles away from inside the house on that tiny antenna! The audio is loud and clear on both TX and RX too. All in all I'm really pleased with this radio, the slim design, white body and ease of use makes it a nice back pocket radio for monitoring and the odd QSO."
I am also a fan of the orange and white.

WLN KD-C1 at Amazon.

iRadio CP-168

The iRadio CP-168 is a mini UHF (400-470 MHz) 2W HT. You can get them on Amazon ($53.80 for a pair) or individually at the 409Shop ($39.50 each). The radio has a neat display (see images), 128 channels, and uses a USB mini connector for charging.

Baofeng UV-5X3: Miklor Review

And speaking of tri-band radios, John has his review of the UV-5X3 tri-bander (Amazon $64.89) up at his site:
"Although the case design is familiar, the radio inside is not. BTech has recently introduced the new UV-5X3 to the US Ham Radio market. This radio is a true tri-band transceiver with internal filters specifically configured for tri-band operation."
And he concludes:
"The UV-5X3 firmware has obviously been reworked to include:
- Tri-Band Support: VHF/1.25M/UHF
- D-ANI (Display incoming DTMF Tones)
- Synchronized Displays
- DTMF audio gain level adjustment
- Add / Remove Channels from Scanning list via keypad (LCD Dot Indication)
- On the Fly scanning by Frequency Range
- 4 Tone Burst options
- Remote Stun, Kill, Revive
- One watt audio output 
It appears that BTech has once again managed to stay one step ahead of the curve. With the 220 MHz ham band operation back on the rise in the US, this radio hit the market at the right time. Even if 220 isn't popular in your area, the additional new features still give it an edge over the traditional dual band series."

Baofeng Tech UV-2501+220 (Gen 3) Price Drop

The Baofeng Tech UV-2501+220 (generation 3) has been discounted about $10 - down to $128.86.

Via Miklor on the Baofeng Amateur Radio Network (BARN) Facebook page.