Thursday, December 18, 2014


I've been busy with family, work, and holiday stuff, so I've not been able to post as much. I wish this is what was happening, but it's not.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Deal

I decided to go with a traditional laptop at work, but I had the option of a Surface 3 Pro. If you are thinking about one, Amazon has a pretty good deal: $100 off, plus a $100 Amazon gift card.

Via Kinja Deals

Saturday, December 13, 2014

SainSonic RST599

Another one to watch over at Hans' place - the SainSonic RST599:

"With 240 memory positions, scramble, three power settings, IP66 classification (dust- and waterproof to some extent) and a seven-color display this model clearly wants to impress us. In other specs (see below) I smell a hint of options normally found on Yaesu radios."
He also says the price is expected to be around $60.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Yaesu FT2DR: Touchscreen HT

So Ford is replacing Microsoft's in-car infotainment platform and replacing it with QNX. Several of the comments to the Slashdot article are complaining about the lack of dedicated knobs and buttons. That complaint echos those I hear from those that don't want to do SDR, because they want knobs and not a mouse.

Makes me wonder what the response will be to the Yaesu FT2DR touchscreen HT. Universal Radio shows a list price of $640, so you know how interested I'll be.


Let them protest, but there should be consequences for not following the rules.

Via @MatthewBracken

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Coffee DRM 2

A fix for the coffee DRM.

SDR Giveaway at

Lots of of prizes, open to hams worldwide from and ... click here to enter:
Three (3)
Complete NESDR XTR HF SDR packages including:
NESDR XTR SDR Set (E4000 chip)
Ham It Up upconverter
Upconverter Enclosure (silver)
Male MCX to male SMA pigtail (SDR cable)
Male SMA to female BNC adapter (antenna adapter)
Estimated $129.95 value

Five (5)
Complete NESDR Mini 2 HF packages including:
NESDR Mini 2 SDR set
Ham It Up upconverter
NESDR Mini 2 enclosure (silver)
Upconverter enclosure (silver)
Male MCX to male SMA pigtail (SDR cable)
Male SMA to female BNC adapter (antenna adapter)
$111.95 value 
Twelve (12)
NESDR Mini 2 SDR sets
$25.95 value

EMF Protection

I ordered two.

Not really.

But that's because I wear one of these.

Again, not really.

Via /r/amateurradio