Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Kindle Device Deals for Prime Members

My eyes are bothering me and I don't know if I'm finally to the point where I need readers or if it's just the start of allergy season. I've been reading a lot of books on the Kindle app on my iPhone, so I thought that might not be helping. I dug out my old Kindle Touch and after a good charge and some gyrations, it came back to life after being in a drawer for months. When I didn't think it was going to boot, I though the deal on Kindle devices might have been a sign. I'm still tempted since I'm sure they are much easier on the eyes.

For Prime members:

Kindle - $49.99 (instead of $79.99)
Kindle Paperwhite - $89.99 (instead of $119.99)
Kindle Voyage - $149.99 (instead of $199.99)

If you don't want a Kindle, you can get a refurbished Amazon Fire HD 6 Tablet for $35. That's like disposable Chinese radio prices!

Monday, March 27, 2017

TYT MD-2017: Giveaway

That Explains It

Free (Almost) Antenna

Just pay US ($3.50) or Canada ($2.50) shipping:

YES! This antenna really is free, just pay shipping and handling. Due to the popular nature of this offer please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping...WANT IT QUICKER? FOR ONLY $4.99 WE WILL BUMP YOUR ORDER TO THE TOP OF THE QUEUE. JUST CHOOSE SOONER THAN LATER AS YOUR SHIPPING TIME!..Orders limited to one per person. Orders of more than 2 will be cancelled. LIMITED TIME ONLY*** YOU MUST BE A LICENSED AMATEUR RADIO OPERATOR TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OFFER ***.*** INCLUDE YOUR CALLSIGN IN THE NOTES OF THE ORDER DURING CHECKOUT ***.*** ORDERS WITHOUT A VALID CALLSIGN WILL BE CANCELLED ****** CALLSIGN MUST MATCH YOUR NAME ***.Have you ever been on the fringe of your favourite repeater and wished you had just a little bit more power? Have you ever been out in the field working simplex and wish that you could pull in that weaker station a bit better? A 1/4 wave would do the trick, but why carry an extra antenna when you don't have to? Get the best of both worlds. Portability in "Rubber Duck" mode, extended range in 1/4 wave mode.
  • 136-174Mhz / 400-480Mhz
  • 16CM in "Rubber Duck" mode
  • 48CM fully extended

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Happy Anniversary!

Hopefully it is a happy one... if not, you may be in trouble if you are getting a radio and she's getting something from PSA.

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PSA: Don't Buy an Amazon Echo Dot

Don't buy an Amazon Echo Dot. It is a gateway drug. Now I want to buy Alexa-enabled outlets and switches. And maybe I need this battery pack, so I can move the Dot from room to room with me.

It'll cost me a few bucks up front and it will be great when it works. It also means, invariably at some point, I'll have to troubleshoot something that never fails like an outlet or light switch.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Xiaomi MiJia HT

The pictures and specs got me interested.
  • VHF frequency 136-174 MHz.
  • UHF Frequency range 403-470MHz.
  • 8 Days standby time.
  • Up to 17 hours of talk time.
  • Cost price around $35
Then I watched the video and realized it was a lot bigger than I thought. And then there was a question about the availability of English menus. Meh - wait and see.

Wireless Hacking

"His plan involved setting up a transmitter not far from the lecture (supposedly in the theater that his father, a famous stage magician, owned) that would overwhelm the signals from Cornwall. His transmitter, he claimed, was not run at full power: while it was capable of outputting 8 or 9 Amps, he turned it down to 2.5 Amps. He didn’t simply block the signal, but instead transmitted his own morse signal for a short time, claiming that he “studiously refrained from all unnecessary interference”.  
His plan worked. Towards the end of the lecture, Maskelyne’s signals were picked up by the receiver, decoded and noted by Fleming, who wrote to the Times complaining of “Scientific Hooliganism”."