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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Eufy Smart Bulb

So, I'm all in on the Alexa/Google enabled home as you can tell. I'm enjoying playing with the various plugs, switches, etc. I even got one of the Eufy Smart Bulbs ($12) for Christmas despite my uncertainty about the benefit of going the smart bulb route.

It works just fine from the app or using Alexa voice-control, but:

1. Bulbs eventually go bad.
2. There is no button on it, so I can't turn it on if the internet is down.

Still, $12 isn't a lot for a little experimentation.

Thursday, December 3, 2015


So, I'm gonna have chips for bluetooth, wi-fi, NFC, and Li-Fi in my devices?
"So, will Li-Fi be a competitor to Wi-Fi in the future? 
I highly doubt they will be competing technologies and will most likely be complementary if anything. For instance, you could have a situation where you have Li-Fi overlaid on top of a Wi-Fi network in high density environments such as a conference hall. The Li-Fi can support the dense number of users and wouldn’t interfere with the Wi-Fi network. In terms of home uses, it is unlikely to become commonplace as you would need to have an Ethernet connection to each light and the lights must remain on for communications. Most home users like the ability to use the internet in the dark and that is not possible with Li-Fi."
1 kbps (infrared light)
1 Gbps (visible light)
224 Gbps theoretical

1.3 Gbps (802.11ac, 3 spatial streams, 80 MHz channel, SGI)
10 Gbps theoretical
(802.11ax research in 5 GHz band)