Monday, January 24, 2011

Nigerian Radio - Kencomsu

There has been a lot of discussion about Chinese radio imports for the amateur market on some of the Yahoo groups to which I subscribe. Discussion may be too generous - rants may be more appropriate. As an owner of a Wouxun KG-UVD1P, you may guess I don't have a problem with letting the markets work.

After seeing the success of the Wouxun ,I did get excited for the business potential of another import when I saw this post:
"The ones that the Nigerian company "Kencomsu" makes, but they can't get them out of Nigeria because they need an export license. In order to get an export license, they need a partner in the USA who will import the radios. So, if someone in the USA will just put up $10,000 for export permits, he/she can get 1000 amateur radios delivered, which the USA partner can sell for a profit and share the revenue with the Nigerian company for all their trouble.

Want me to provide more details?"
Then I realized it was joke. I would love to run a small business like Ed at

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