Friday, March 4, 2011

470 Amateur Radio Net PSK31

Paul, W4PGM, was back on the 470 Net with another recommendation - a PSK31 kit (assembled in the picture below), from Small Wonder Labs. PSK31 (Official Web Page, Wikipedia Page) is a digital modulation mode using a small transceiver (often low power/QRP), a simple antenna, and a common PC with a sound card. Paul has really enjoyed using PSK31 and points out that it is a good reason to get your General license - especially if you thought you could not afford to get into HF. The kit with enclosure is $150. Also, because it uses your computer, communication is basically a keyboard chat like any instant message program. That makes it a little more familiar for new hams that have been around the internet, but not logged lots of hours on the airwaves. It also eliminates the issue of being "mic shy." Lastly, the kit will give you some good experience soldering along with the satisfaction of building it yourself.

One more project for the list of things I want to do.

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