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Thursday, October 6, 2011

First Radio for a Ham? A Scanner.

Not a bad idea... you can save some wear and tear on the nicer equipment. From Ron Hashiro:
"So, the initial temptation might be to get a transmitter or a combination transmitter-receiver called a transceiver. But, you might underbuy or overbuy on your equipment. So, it makes sense to try it out on a comparatively inexpensive solution. Get a "police" scanner first.
Scanners can go through a number of frequencies very quickly. You can monitor all the popular repeaters and simplex frequencies in a matter of about one or two seconds. I listen to the local frequencies with a scanner, and when I hear someone that I want to talk with, I turn on my radio (if it's not on) and make a contact."
Via the 470 ARG

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Net Controller

I think being a net controller would be a good experience... unfortunately, I'm not sure I could commit based on my schedule.
"I am looking for a net control or several net controls that could help out especially on the 3rd Thursday of each month, if your interested please contact me, I have a SCERS / ARES/ RACES meeting then and I am unable to do , and Danny of course does the Trivia, so its a little long for one to do..Never been a NCO, well nows your chance to get experience and have fun at the same time, I have heard several say they cannot do it, no , you can, and yes you well make some mistakes as I did and every other NCO ... don't be afraid, give it a try , we had to start somewhere also, and I can tell you I made mistakes, and still do, the net was formed 5 years ago, at the TenTec hamfest, to bring everyone together, to say hello, talk about whats going on , and just have a good time...and to be able to pass along announcements and information on those who may be sick and or need our prayers...if you would be interested in doing the Invocation also let me know or just jump in if no one is there to do."

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

30 Years Anniversary of the 145.470 Repeater System Picnic

From the 470 Amateur Radio Group...
"On September 17th of this year the 145.470 repeater will be 30 years old, in celebration of the 30th anniversary, Tim Berry WB4GBI and I spoke about having a picnic get together for all of those who use the 470."

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

WB4GBI 145.470 Repeater is Up

Reports of the 145.470 Repeater's demise were greatly exaggerated.

Tim updates:
This afternoon, my XYL Tammy (KB4TQO) and I went to Cross Mountain and replaced the power supply on the 145.47 repeater. A few quick checks (duplex power, “desense,” and remote control function), and I am happy to report that 145.47 is back up and ready to go. I am also happy to report that *this* power supply has the provision for battery backup, which I hope to add the batteries for in the very near future. Stay tuned!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

470 Repeater and Ham Radio to the Rescue

People talk a lot about the ability of hams to help in an emergency. I'm glad we are not often put to the test, but it is nice to hear examples where ham radio has made a difference like it did on the Dragon today. From the 470 ARG web page:
"I was sitting at my desk when I heard a call on the 145.470 repeater today, the 21st of May, a emergency call, I got up and responded to the station WA4HSM Alvin from Knoxville who was on the Dragon, apparently a Biker took a curve a little fast and went down, and ran off the road, when Alvin stopped their was another lady there who was a medical person, the bike rider was unconscious, Alvin stated a emergency on the repeater, and requested I call for emergency services, which he had the phone number , called and advised dispatch we had a MVA, gave him my location and information and proceeded to advise the emergency,we relayed information between us and emergency units where dispatched to the scene..a little later Alvin called back and advised that Police ,Fire and EMS was on the scene, the man was conscious."

Friday, March 4, 2011

470 Amateur Radio Net PSK31

Paul, W4PGM, was back on the 470 Net with another recommendation - a PSK31 kit (assembled in the picture below), from Small Wonder Labs. PSK31 (Official Web Page, Wikipedia Page) is a digital modulation mode using a small transceiver (often low power/QRP), a simple antenna, and a common PC with a sound card. Paul has really enjoyed using PSK31 and points out that it is a good reason to get your General license - especially if you thought you could not afford to get into HF. The kit with enclosure is $150. Also, because it uses your computer, communication is basically a keyboard chat like any instant message program. That makes it a little more familiar for new hams that have been around the internet, but not logged lots of hours on the airwaves. It also eliminates the issue of being "mic shy." Lastly, the kit will give you some good experience soldering along with the satisfaction of building it yourself.

One more project for the list of things I want to do.

Friday, February 11, 2011

470 Amateur Radio Net - FlexRadio and Echolink

Paul, W4PGM, gave an overview of the FlexRadio, Software Defined Radio. He runs the FLEX-3000 and really likes it. He compared it favorably to many other HF rigs he has run. Since it is software based, he says it is easy to apply the updates that come out every 6 months or so. The updates may change the tuner from a 5-to-1 to a 7-to-1 or improve the noise blanker. Even without the customary buttons or dials on the radio, it is very configurable - you just use the PowerSDR software from your PC. It sounded like any fairly recent computer would be sufficient as long as you have or can add a Firewire port. Paul really liked its abilities in digital modes. On the band scope, you can pick a peak, representing a signal, and click it to tune to that frequency.

From Brick O'Lore

He mentioned a couple of issues with the CW and notch filtering, but says the company is working to resolve those issues. He also said that contesters may not like the software, because it doesn't integrate into the popular logging programs - you have to manually change the focus of the windows to switch between apps.

Also, Rick Sr., N4JTQ, explained the problems they were having getting the Echolink working on the KJ4HPM/443.225 repeater. I was glad to find out it wasn't just me.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

470 Amateur Radio Net Trivia

I learned a couple of things tonight during the trivia part of the 470 Amateur Radio Net.

Before there was SOS and Mayday, ham radio operators used "CQD" to indicate a distress call. "CQ" is used as general call for making a contact - appending the "D" indicated danger or distress.

Spark Gap Transmitters were used as digital communication before CW.