Sunday, March 27, 2011

Employer Protection

Bill passes that offers protection to employers who allow guns at the office. Of course, the lawyers for most businesses are going to advise that maintaining policies prohibiting guns on site is in their best interest. We need a law that prohibits the employers from imposing any rules about guns on their property. The anti-gun groups win when they can get companies to implement policies they cannot legislate. They win when they get enough confusing limitations on the books that keep an honest citizen from carrying because they are afraid of accidentally breaking the law. They win when they get the international community to back control laws that restrict international gun sales.


  1. Fortunately or unfortunately, just as we should have the right to carry wherever we can, so too should owners of corporations be able to decide what does and does not transpire within their property. It sucks for those who work for corporations that do not respect them enough as people to allow them to carry tools with which to defend themselves, but one always has a choice to work elsewhere, just as one has a choice not to patronize anti-firearm establishments (if you can find other work or other establishments, of course).

    I am certainly willing to argue over parking lots and the storage of firearms in cars there, but inside of private buildings... *shrug*

  2. I also struggle with the conflict of the employee and the employer's rights. My real beef is with the exceptions that impose burdens on those who wish to carry - or at least keep a gun in their car.

    I'm going to watch a high school soccer game tonight. Better leave the gun at the house.

    I'm going to work in the morning and they have a policy against firearms on the property. Better leave the gun at the house.

    I've got to run to the court house and drop off some papers. Better leave the gun at the house.

    Going to shoot targets at CCA. Better leave, err, never mind. Bad example.

    Even if they don't make it illegal, they make it impractical.