Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gun Show & Gun Safety

I went to the gun show at the 640 Expo aka Knoxville Expo Center. It drives me crazy that people don't think the four rules apply in the magical dimension of the gun show.

As always, Volunteer Ordnance Works (Cleveland, TN) had a good selection of higher-end handguns. I noticed the Knoxville Tactical booth for the first time. Their orange and white 550 paracord should be popular.

It amazes me that the prices on new guns vary so much. Who is buying the Glock 19 for $600(ish) when it is $550(ish) two tables over?

It is a shame that you aren't allowed to take pictures inside the show. Add the guns and it would look something like this.

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  1. I, too, have been somewhat horrified with the level of firearm safety, or lack thereof, at the Knoxville gun shows of late... It mostly boils down to people flailing firearm muzzles all over the county, but even that shows a marked and distinct lack of situational awareness and concern for you fellow man. Yes, the show is supposed to ensure that all firearms are unloaded, but that simply does not matter when you are handling one.

    Of course, as I write this, I did fully inspect the Mosin-Nagant I purchased at the previous show by running the bolt back, shoving my flashlight into the chamber, and looking down the barrel (after first visually and manually inspecting the chamber to ensure no round was caught in there). While I did violate one of The Rules, it would have been mighty hard for the gun to go off at that point...