Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Knox Vegas Bloggers Unite!

After discussing the much publicized Knoxville Bloggers Get-Together (a.k.a BBQ-N-Bullets) with my co-workers, we decided that the Knoxville bloggers need to form an organized group to seek better pay and benefits. Perhaps some sort of union as they seem popular these days.

As with any group, we need to start with a good name.

Local 556 - Lead Workers Union (Thanks to TNJeff for suggesting lead.)

I thought it would be easier to come up with some clever names, but it turns out to be harder than I thought. I've got some lame ones below. Anyone got a better one?

AFL-CIO - American Firearms League - Constitutionally Involved Operators
SAG - Serious Arms Group
Change to Winchester Federal
UAW - United Arsenal Writers
HSLDBK - High Speed, Low Drag Bloggers of Knoxville

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