Tuesday, March 15, 2011


If the government was a company... USA INC.

In a hole - trillions in debt.
Continuing to dig - negative cash flow.
And entitlements are the back hoe in this process to get us even deeper in dept.
"Conclusion – Publicly traded companies with similar financial trends would be pressed by
shareholders to pursue a turnaround. The good news: USA Inc.’s underlying asset base and
entrepreneurial culture are strong. The financial trends can shift toward a positive direction,
but both ‘management’ and ‘shareholders’ will need collective focus, willpower, commitment,
and sacrifice."
If this was a business, I think we'd see a change in leadership. The Tea Party has already facilitated some changes in middle management, but let's replace the CEO when his contract is up.

And closer to home... As a former business man, I would hope that Governor Haslam will take a pragmatic approach to the budget.
"“The time is right to go on a rigorous diet that consumes less and exerts more energy.”

“State government does a lot of good things. We have worked hard to try and continue funding many of those things. The reality is that there are a lot of things I would like to do, that each member of the Legislature would like to do, but that we simply cannot afford.”

Link to original USA INC PDF at Business Week.

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