Saturday, May 21, 2011

470 Repeater and Ham Radio to the Rescue

People talk a lot about the ability of hams to help in an emergency. I'm glad we are not often put to the test, but it is nice to hear examples where ham radio has made a difference like it did on the Dragon today. From the 470 ARG web page:
"I was sitting at my desk when I heard a call on the 145.470 repeater today, the 21st of May, a emergency call, I got up and responded to the station WA4HSM Alvin from Knoxville who was on the Dragon, apparently a Biker took a curve a little fast and went down, and ran off the road, when Alvin stopped their was another lady there who was a medical person, the bike rider was unconscious, Alvin stated a emergency on the repeater, and requested I call for emergency services, which he had the phone number , called and advised dispatch we had a MVA, gave him my location and information and proceeded to advise the emergency,we relayed information between us and emergency units where dispatched to the scene..a little later Alvin called back and advised that Police ,Fire and EMS was on the scene, the man was conscious."

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