Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Baofeng UV-3R: Modification Low Pass Filter - Harmonics

Leigh, WA5ZNU, tries his hand at the low pass filter modification to deal with the harmonics issue on the UV-3R:

Low Pass Filter (WA5ZNU) - Harmonics Issue

My thoughts on the issue:
1. Many confirmed an issue existed, but there were several opinions as to the severity of the issue.
2. Even if the radio doesn't meet the letter of the law (§97.307), the real world impact of the harmonic should be negligible.
3. If using the single band antenna, the radiated signal should be even less than what was generated by the radio and measured by a meter.
4. There is a mod that eliminates the issue and improves performance, so I may try that.

Ed tells us that they are trying to get their Part 90 Certification. I wonder if that has any impact on getting this issue resolved.

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