Wednesday, July 20, 2011

NoteSlate - Vaporware

I knew it was probably too good to be true... a $99 digital e-ink legal pad replacement. So, I'm calling it - TOVD (Time of Vaporware Declaration) 5:45PM.

The last couple of tweets from NoteSlate have confirmed it for me - both on the price and technology fronts.

From today:
"We can´t hit the $99 end price for NoteSlate device... is going from low-tech vision to hi-tech reality.Sorry for our preliminary statement."
From July 14:
"We`re still solving prototype, firmware & legals for next web(v3.0) update - vision into reality. Lot of work on table. Sorry for delay."


  1. And just now: ... we`re goin`offline ... don`t want to tease your emotions. Get back in August for clear update. Nice summer! Thanks.

    Wanna bet that August update never comes?

  2. it is back now, though no commitment about next milestone

  3. Maybe they will post an update before the month is done. I still dream of a cheap tablet like they were promising, but I am enjoying my iPad quite a bit.