Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rubberized Telescopic Antenna for Hand-Held Radios

Kinda of a neat idea... a rubberized telescopic antenna might get you the best of both worlds - performance and size. I posted about Julian's review of various 2M antennas and that got me interested in the telescoping options.

Phil, G3YPQ, posted to the UV-3R Yahoo Group about an antenna he is selling:
"Now I must declare an interest here as I supply these replacement antennas, but they are ideal for the any Handie including the UV-3R.
Its a rubberised Telescopic that extends to 1/4 wave on 2m and can be used with low SWR on 70cms either Fully down or Fully up.
On the UV-3R the LED and its surround is close to the Antenna socket so for these I shave off the rubber a little and it fits fine. It out-performs the supplied antennas without the need to change, and folds up nicely. I've been into handhelds since the crystal controlled KP202 and this things good, you can set it to exact 1/4 wave on marine band by telescoping the top section down."
He is selling them on ebay for about $28 including shipping.

Here are his notes for the video:
"Replacement for supplied rubber-duck aerials. This has advantages of being able to 'tune' as 1/4 wave as well as to easily clip on an extension for lower frequency reception"

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