Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Creating the next terrorist

Linoge has good article that demonstrates the fine line between being prepared to care for yourself and for being able to launch a jihad against the unclean. As has been said before, one man's terrorist is another man's freedom loving prepper.

Maybe I should change that phrase based on the September issue of Parents magazine. The "Keep Your Family Safe" article provides a basic guide for preparing for an emergency. The suggestions include gathering flashlights, food, blankets, etc.

So maybe it should be, one man's terrorist is another kid's concerned mom.

(And a little bonus commentary here... the mother's group at my church will be hosting a local law enforcement officer who will give them advice on protecting their homes and family. I want my wife to go, just so I can find out what he recommends. I suspect he will not be arguing .40 cal vs. 9mm.)

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  1. Whoops - guess the editors of that magazine might want to mind their step over the next few months... according to the FBI, they just encouraged terroristic activities.