Thursday, August 11, 2011

KG-UV6D: Coming soon to Australia

So are the Aussies ahead of the game? Andrews Communications Systems has the KG-UV6D on their site with an estimated shipment of August 20.

He lists the specs as:
Superior crossmodulation, intermodulation rejection and strong signal performance guarantees far less received interference compared to all other amateur radios!
Commercial quality and commercial performance, too!
Excellent 0.18uV sensitivity across the 2m and 70cm bands
5W output 144-148MHz (2m), 4W output 430-450MHz (70cm)
High/low output power levels
128 memory channels
Digital FM broadcast band radio
Dual or single frequency display
Dual watch receive; continually checks VFO A and VFO B freqs. Each VFO accepts VHF or UHF
Priority scan in VFO mode and memory channel mode
Dual (V/U) squelch set levels
Dual repeater offsets selectable
Multi-function scanning
Single key for repeater reverse
Repeater offset; 0-69.950MHz
Voice annunciation
CTCSS rx/tx included (50 groups).
DTMF encode included!
DCS (105 groups)
VOX function
7 frequency steps selectable
Battery save mode
Busy channel lockout selectable
Low battery voice prompt
VFO or computer programmable
Wire cloning function
Includes Li-ion 1300mA/h @ 7.4V battery and AC charger
Optional accessories (in blue) just arrived in latest shipment...
Speaker-mic A$29
Li-ion 1300mA/h battery A$29
USB-only programming cables A$29 each (inc. mini-CD)
Car cig. lighter charger A$12
SMA-F to UHF-F (SO-239) adaptor A$15
"AA" battery dry cell case A$15
Leatherette carry case A$19.

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