Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Motherload of Ham Radio Study Guides

Based on a comment from KD0BIK about his plan to start studying for his Extra license, I tracked down the course information.

Check out this download link from SouthCARS - for each license course, they have all the documents in one convenient place. For example, the Extra Class course has the questions pool, the syllabus, HF Band Chart, Diagrams for the test, All Ham Band Chart, and KY6V's "Let's Start with the Basics" document. Oh, and there are 12 podcasts of the actual class in case you missed any or cannot listen during the live event.

Between the ARRL Extra Class License Manual and all the free resources, I have no excuse for sticking with the General License.

The ARRL Extra Class License Manual: For Ham Radio (Arrl Extra Class License Manual for the Radio Amateur)

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