Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Baofeng UV-3R: A Quick Start Video Guide

Chris Howard (2E0CTH) has a great UV-3R Quick Start Video Guide.


  1. Brick,

    Great blog! I have a technician license from many years ago, so I know I have to read up before I use a handheld like this. But suppose I got two of these units. How do I use local repeaters (permission)? Can I talk to say my wife across town (10-20 miles)? Can I 'ring' her? What else can I do besides monitoring of the bands?


  2. Rob,
    Thanks for reading!

    Most repeaters are open. You can use a tool like the one mentioned here to find the repeaters close to you - http://www.brickolore.com/2011/07/repeater-websearch.html.

    You can talk with your wife directly using simplex, but the range will be limited based on the terrain and other factors. Of course, she would have to be licensed, too.

    You can listen to the repeaters, talk directly using simplex, listen to the amateur radio satellites, etc.

    I hope this helps.


  3. Thanks very much Brick, that site for repeater info is very useful. I suppose I can use repeaters with my Motorola GMRS handhelds too, right?


  4. The amateur 70cm band only goes to 450 MHz. I think GMRS is around 460 MHz, so you would't be using ham repeaters. I've not done anything with GMRS, so I can't speak to how common repeaters are for it. The UV-3R will do 400-470 MHz, so it could technically use those frequencies. Again, I've not tried anything outside the ham bands with it.