Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Net Controller

I think being a net controller would be a good experience... unfortunately, I'm not sure I could commit based on my schedule.
"I am looking for a net control or several net controls that could help out especially on the 3rd Thursday of each month, if your interested please contact me, I have a SCERS / ARES/ RACES meeting then and I am unable to do , and Danny of course does the Trivia, so its a little long for one to do..Never been a NCO, well nows your chance to get experience and have fun at the same time, I have heard several say they cannot do it, no , you can, and yes you well make some mistakes as I did and every other NCO ... don't be afraid, give it a try , we had to start somewhere also, and I can tell you I made mistakes, and still do, the net was formed 5 years ago, at the TenTec hamfest, to bring everyone together, to say hello, talk about whats going on , and just have a good time...and to be able to pass along announcements and information on those who may be sick and or need our prayers...if you would be interested in doing the Invocation also let me know or just jump in if no one is there to do."

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  1. Go for it! Being able to coordinate traffic with some level of competence is a handy skill to have. Every now and then you'll need to work through a pileup and this helps those skills as well. FM pileups are "fun".

    Something that recently happened here is our ARES group almost folded because nobody could commit to being NCO. Me and two others immediately volunteered to run it and all three of us are *not* fans of ARES. We are doing it to get good at running nets and because our community needs our support. Lucky us though, we simply co-ordinate the week before who's to run it next week. I'm doing it next week.

    Just get a copy of the preamble, go over it a few times, and tell you friend that you'd like to give it a try. At worst you end up hiding in the corner crying, but more likely you'll have a good time and so will everyone else. You can always opt out if you need to.