Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ender's Game the Movie

Having Han Solo in the movie is great, but I'm just happy it is being made. I liked these books better than Harry Potter. It is a bit of Harry Potter in space for those that are unfamiliar with the series.

andrewchen Harrison Ford locked for 'Ender's Game' - Entertainment News, EXCLUSIVE, Media - Variety bit.ly/w1BRsGTue, Jan 24 00:10:07 from Timely by Demandforce


  1. Enders Game is the best scifi ever written imo. Before that it was the best scifi short story ever written (published in Omni magazine).

    Ford may be a problem tho, as I thought he was almost dead the the last Raiders. Just Plain Sad to watch him in that movie.

    1. Yeah, I thought he was a little old to play Ender, but they can do great things with CGI. ;)