Sunday, March 18, 2012

Baofeng UV-5R: US Sellers

Chris, NH7QH, has added the UV-5R to his website at, but won't take orders until they have FCC approval - which should be coming soon.

Ed, of, sent out an update saying that he had ordered several hundred UV-5Rs, but there has been a problem with a transfer of the funds. Apparently his money is lost in China, so he's having to work that out.


  1. I don't mean to rain on the parade, but I have not seen any new FCC certs issued for ZP5 (manufacturer prefix for Baofeng) on the FCC OET-EAS site. I even tried expanding the search to terms like Fujian, Quanzhou and Xiamen to try and trap manufacturers in that region of China and I came out empty handed. Has Ed provided an FCC ID now that he's officially shipping the UV-5R or will this be an 'FCC ID pending' item? Just sayin' lol.

    1. I've not heard anything from Ed about it. Chris ( says he is waiting for the FCC approval before selling the UV-5R and he expects it soon.