Thursday, April 5, 2012

Baofeng UV-5R: CHIRP Support

Ed (Import Communications) sent a UV-5R to Dan, so that he could add it to the list of radios supported by CHIRP*. That was three days ago and Dan has already added support for the UV-5R in his daily builds!

*"CHIRP is a FREE cross-platform, cross-radio programming tool. It works on Windows and Linux (and MacOSX with a little work). It supports a growing list of radios across several manufacturers and allows transferring of memory contents between them."


  1. What a great timing. :-)
    I´m waiting for my UV-5 to be processed by costums and I beleave I´ll have it in the mail this week.
    The new Chirp-version is alredy installed in my radio-programming computer.
    It´ll be really interesting to see if the rig meets up with all my expectations.

  2. Has anyone found a template program for CHIRP or .3r that makes it easier to cut and paste the freqs?