Tuesday, June 5, 2012

TYT TH-UV3R: Moleculo Review Tread

Review thread here.

moleculo This TYT TH-UV3r 2m/440 is rapidly becoming one of my favorite little HT's . It really is a nice 2 watt radio #hamrMon, Jun 04 16:23:09 from TweetDeck
moleculo The TYT UV3r and Baofeng UV-3r are completely different radios. The TYT is much more refined and has numbered buttons #hamrMon, Jun 04 16:32:55 from TweetDeck
moleculo Just started my review of the fantastic little TYT TH-UV3r 2m/440 micro HT: bit.ly/Lx3Urk #hamr (not to be confused with Baofeng)Tue, Jun 05 15:46:46 from TweetDeck

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