Friday, June 15, 2012

TYT TH-UVF9: More Tri-Band Info

Radio-Mart replied back that they are using a combination of hardware and software changes to make the TYT TH-UVF9 work well as a tri-bander. In a response to my question about output power:
"That’s what we’re messing about with before we release them. With a resonant antenna currently 3 watts but know we can tune it but it all takes time."
Sounds good to me - especially if they are already at 3 watts. That's a lot better than some of the other radio mods that only get a few milliwatts out.


  1. Sorry but forgive me if I sound a bit skeptical. Enabling a non-adjacent frequency range for Tx requires more than just a firmware mod - the matching network coupling the pa (power amplifier) needs to be designed-in, it seems unlikely that what was stock at the factory for 2m/70cm could be shoehorned to accommodate 1.25m.

    Of course the actual product remains to be seen. In this case, I would be glad to be proven wrong!

    1. Friend, look here:
      The ranges are:

      222-225 is only about 22MHz away from 245-246MHz, that's not that far fetched.
      And don't forget that the guy did say: "a combination of hardware and software changes".

      It seems like Radio-Mart (Martyn) is a guy that repairs radios and sells them, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, be patient even if its out of my character, and see what he comes up with.

      And lastly, 3W is pretty awesome, after using a VX-7R, (only 300mW on 222NHz) for 5 years.

    2. Not sure what you mean, but any certifications granted to stock units are lost once it is modified out of the factory. Factory modifications require re-certification, but then I'm not a lawyer.

  2. in my case when I opened it for 220 lost power at 144MHz radio now when the league appears simple version. Anyone know how to password aging

  3. Were you able to make anycontact on 220 band?