Thursday, June 14, 2012

Gun Data

Linoge goes all "sciencey" on us and looks at the data. Spoiler alert:
"The hypothesis of 'more guns = more deaths' is demonstrably false over the past 29 years of documented American history."
Seriously, go take a look. He's got two more major points and then he gives you the real kicker in the last sentence.


  1. And that is the important part - our rights are not dependent upon statistics, no matter how convenient those statistics may appear.

    Thanks for the linkage!

    1. Thank you for doing the heavy lifting. I doubt I send much traffic your way, but every little bit helps get the message out!

    2. Thank you Mr. Brick for posting this.

      My folks gave up their cushy jobs to emigrate to this country, (basically) start over and become naturalized citizens so that I could learn to use a gun and go hunting with my dad.

      I thank them for raising me and making that single life-altering decision over 40 years ago.

    3. You are very welcome. The real credit goes to Linoge. Since you liked that you should check out his site - lots of similar good stuff there.