Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Baofeng UV-5R: UV-5RE

First, a warning: What has been seen, cannot be unseen.

Via the UV-5R Yahoo Group


  1. At least it will get a new firmware...


    "For those interested, I just received more information from www.409shop.com
    about the new UV-5RE and present UV-5R.
    They told me that their present UV-5R, the current model, is all firmware
    version BFB251. The new UV-5RE is version BFB281 which I have no details on. I
    have ordered two of the new units. We will see what we get :-)

    Bob K6WL"

  2. Now it became a bling bling toy. I hope it comes with free sunglasses.

  3. Yet another new model: UV-5RA

  4. It also said there is a new 2013 NEW version Baofeng UV-5R Plus. So,what are the differences between UV-5R PLUS and UV-5RE? May i say it is the same or different?

  5. As seen on youtube video, the "Plus" has a metal plate at the back of device, the RE does not have it. That might be ok due to heat problems. Otherwise I would think the revision of firmware might be different.
    Also the UHF frequency range differ on some devices . I have seen E version which goes from 400-519,999 MHz. The UV-5R is mostly in range 400-470MHz I believe.

  6. Ah thank goodness it still has the 1750Hz BRUST tone - I find that so handy on the UV-5R....