Tuesday, August 14, 2012

HYS TC-UV55: Notes from Ed

YAWKG-UV920R* gripe session on the Wouxun Yahoo Group included a link to this radio on eBay. This radio being the HYS TC-UV55 that has been written about here and here.

The interesting part was when Ed Greany - the other very helpful Ed on the Yahoo Group - had this to say:
"I can speak to this subject. I have a prototype of that radio that I was considering carrying it as a mobile alternative with the Wouxun HT. It is NOT certified and the company wasn't interested in spending the money to certify it. I guess it runs about $5000 according to them. I don't know. I still have the new unit in a box. It replicates the Kenwood TM471 radio. I even did a price survey for them and they asked me for a recommendation on the button layout for the front of the radio. My price answer was between $199 and $250. Perhaps they settled on $239 - not sure.
I stopped negotiations when he said he was best friends with the owner of Wouxun. I didn't want Wouxun to think I was going behind their backs while I am their dealer.
It's unfortunate this is not legal in the U.S. It is a great radio as far as I can tell without resulting in my prototype becoming a "used" radio."
*Yet Another Wouxun KG-UV920R

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