Wednesday, September 12, 2012

AnyTone AT-588UV: Import Communications Flyer and Survey

Ed sends out the following regarding the AnyTone AT-588UV. Sounds like it is the Chinese mobile we have all been waiting for. Please note his request for feedback via a survey at the bottom of his message.


Import Communications
September 11, 2012

Picture of Anytone AT-588UV


Dual Band Mobile

Detachable Head
Cross-band Repeat
50/40 Watts Output
758 Memories
AM Aircraft Receive
Wide-band FM Receive
2013 FCC Compliant

After the dismal performance and high price of Wouxun's dual band mobile radio, I'm excited to share information about the AnyTone AT-588UV. I have been testing this radio for a couple of weeks and I'm impressed. I think this will be the Chinese dual bander that takes the market.

It's computer programmable and the control head separates from the radio via a CAT5 cable. This radio is easy to manually operate because there are no sub-menus and there are matching controls for the left and right sides. Either side can be set for VHF or UHF or both the same. It has dual receive (two signals at once) and when transmitting, you can set the off side to be muted if desired. Unlike the Wouxun, with the AnyTone, you can scan one side while monitoring the other side. It only takes a couple button pushes to set up cross band repeat. And unlike the other brand, this cross band repeat actually works! It has AM Aircraft receive plus 220-260 MHz receive (sorry NO 220 transmit).

The company has given me this timeline for availability. They plan to produce a small run at the end of September and hopefully full production by the end of October. I suggested they make a larger test run because I've found nothing major that needs improving. I've made a few suggestions for firmware changes which they quickly approved. This company is interested in producing a good product. When the AT-588UV is available to purchase, I will send an announcement to this mailing list.

The owners manual is not yet available but I have a list of the various functions. I will post this information and the programming software on my web site as soon as I can. This will take you to that location.

Question Poll

To get a better understand on how the AT-588UV will be used and some options that may be needed, I have written a pool of questions. The results of this survey will help convience the manufacturer of any changes that need to be made or options added. Your participation will be appreciated. Here is a link to the poll:

Best Regards,
Ed Griffin

Wouxun.US / Import Communications
PO Box 451 - New London - NC - 28127


  1. This very interesting!!
    I hope that the price in the Netherlands will be also under the 275 Euro.

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