Monday, September 3, 2012

Nanfone NF-769: UHF Super Mini

If the display-less "lucky stone" isn't for you, how about the Nanfone NF-769? (I still want VHF instead of UHF.)

NANFONE NF-769 UHF Super Mini Two Way Radio - $29.50


Dimension : 95*35*17mm
Frequency :25CH (448.7500-449.2625Mhz)
Output power :0.5w
25 channels
Channel selection
Volume adjustable
56 CTCSS Setting (67HZ ~260Hz)
Squelch ( 1-6)
Beeper On /Off
Roger set
Standard 3.5mm external jack for speaker and PTT


  1. Count that as a strong second on a VHF model of these. You seem to have a couple strong contacts with vendors, any chance of getting them to lean on some of the manufacturers.

  2. It would be cool. Too bad it only covers 448.7500-449.2625Mhz, according to the specs.

    I'd be tempted to get one if it covered 400-480mhz.