Monday, September 3, 2012

AnyTone AT-588UV: Import Communications

As part of his one, two punch, Ed may soon be selling the AnyTone AT-588UV mobile. He expressed his interest in the AT-588UV when the KG-UV920R came out with a whimper:

"Anytone Dual Band Mobile  -  AT-588UV
For the past two years, I have consulted with Anytone as they developed their dual band mobile radio.  Anytone send a non-working model of the radio for me to show at the Dayton Hamvention (Wouxun would not send anything).  Anytone is now sending a working model (for free!) and says full production will begin in early August.  Anytone has quoted a price that lets me know this radio will retail in the $250-$275 range.  It will be Part 90 Certified and will have some wide-band receive ranges, including AM aircraft.  I look forward to working with this company and expect their mobile to be a big seller."

So they missed the demo date by a smidget and they are at the top of the price range ($275), but he seems very high on it. Ed's listing is here.

September 1, 2012
We are testing our sample model now.  Results are GREAT so far.
This could be the Chinese dual band mobile that takes the prize!
  • Receive Range     (FM)  134-174, 200-260, 350-400, 400-520 MHz  &  FM Broadcast
                                (AM)  118-134 MHz (Air Band)
  • Transmit Range   (FM)  134-174, 400-490 MHz
  • Output Power       50, 35, 10 & 5 Watts
  • Bandwidth            Wide (25 kHz)  &  Narrow (12.5 kHz)
  • Tuning Step          2.5, 5, 6.25, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25 & 50 kHz
  • True Dual Receive - receive two signals at the same time or second side can be muted while transmitting
  • Separate Tuning Knob and Volume Control, each side
  • Separate Function Buttons, each side
  • Either side can be VHF or UHF at any time  -  VU, UV, UU, VV
  • Cross-Band Repeat (that works!)
  • Alphanumeric Display
  • 4 x 256 Memory Channels
  • CTCSS, DCS, DTMF, ANI, PTT ID, 2Tone/5Tone Encode & Decode
  • Scrambler Option
  • DTMF Microphone
  • Detachable Control Head (CAT5 separation cable)
  • Computer Programmable
  • FCC Part 90 Certified

Thanks to Nate for pointing out the updates on Ed's site.


  1. I'm going to wait a while before I think about purchasing a Chinese mobile. Mainly because I'm hoping that after a year or so they'll start releasing mobiles that are in the $100-$200 range.

    Kind of like how with Chinese portables we started seeing sub $50 HT's after their more expensive counterparts had been around for a while.

  2. I'll probably step up from having only a HT once they go in to full production and some people have reviewed this. Previously this one had been reported as not having a detachable control head so I'm happy to see it has one now. Hopefully the computer programmable will be free or very inexpensive software and I think we'll have a winner.

  3. As noted on the Import Communications web site's page for the Anytone 588-UV, there's now a Yahoo group and also a beta version of the programming software (that I think looks about as good as the Wouxun HT software and probably better than the Baofeng UV-5r software).

    Bob KK4ATB