Friday, October 26, 2012

Anytone AT-588UV: Opinions

So, on the one hand, we have VA3ISP doing a hands on review of an early version of the AT-588UV. He makes several notes on his third day with the radio and says, "I am sorta bashing this radio at the moment but I haven’t really done much real world testing yet." He then provides his final analysis on the pre-release version - "Pure Garbage!" He lists the major faults as:
- RX audio is terrible. Constant static in the background even with transmitter in close proximity.
- Front end of radio is wide open like a barn door. I hear pager blasts from almost 1Mhz up the dial.
- Cannot store PL/CTCSS tones into memory from front panel.
- TX audio has an AGC problem. Audio volume goes up and down/
- No remote head bracket. It wasn't even in the making when I first spoke to them. They are now adding a bracket so you can remotely mount the head. ( What’s the use of a detachable face…. it’s not a car stereo )
- Beep when setting options is obnoxiously loud. Doesn't seem to be controllable with volume.
Contrast that with the comments from Ed and Dale.

Ed: "By the way, several dual band mobiles are being released, but the Anytone is far and away the best I've seen so far."

Dale: "AT-588UV is due out they say at the end of this month. We have tested the radios and everything checks out perfect."

They are talking about later versions, but there is a wide gap between garbage and best/perfect.

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  1. Well here is my take on it.

    Ed and Dale most likely have a newer version of the unit because there is no way on gods green earth that the audio issues that are in mine are present in the ones those guys have or they wouldn't have gotten the same reviews.

    I'm not a seller of these radios in any way so I don't profit from this as much as Ed does... So that goes to say that if Anytone needed to unload the crap to someone.. I likely got it.

    I offered them a chance to repair or replace the unit I got with a version that Ed or Dale got and the answer I received was simply. You should just buy another.

    Is that because of my comments, is that because they don't much care about little old me. EIther way all I have to say is Wouxun shipped me a new unit. No cost to me, for the help I provided them * and offered the same feedback to Anytone * for all my troubles.