Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Anytone AT-588UV: VA3ISP First Look

Looks like Moleculo is still waiting on his unit to review, but VA3ISP has cracked the box on his and gives us his initial impressions starting with literally the box.
"Box is just plain white."
I've noticed the boxes tend to evolve overtime. Given their origins in Asia, I think the flashier boxes should be called Gangnam Style.
"The power leads are tinned at the end, makes for a nice connection."
That's a nice touch. He continues to say that display seems okay and the dials worked well. There were a couple of concerns on the audio side: receiving audio is noisy even when full quieting and transmitted audio is lower after a pause in speaking (problem with automatic gain control?).

I look forward to his future posts about the AT-588UV.

If you missed some of the previous information about the radio:

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  1. This is more interesting than his original post:

    Sounds like a fail to me, I hope they'll fix it.