Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wouxun KG-UVD1P: 6M

I had never seen this before... "Wouxun KG-UVD1P VHF plus Six Meters! Handheld"

From the MTC page:
Wouxun KG-UVD1P Dual Band VHF/ 50 MHZ Handheld Commercial Radio

Please understand what you are buying before you purchase this radio. This is not a VHF/UHF model. If you purchase by mistake and then ship it back , you will be charged a re stocking fee to cover the shipping cost.

Dual band VHF/UHF. Freq. range: 136-174, 50-54 MHz RX and TX. KG-UVD1P 2 meters and 6 meters!
The KG-UD1P is a rugged compact, high-performance VHF/UHF handheld commercial transceiver providing up to 5 Watts of RF power on VHF and 4 Watts on 50 MHZ
Frequency Range of 136-174, 50-54 MHz RX and TX. FM: 76-108 MHz (RX).
Via the KG-UV_Commander Yahoo Group


  1. What i want to know is if it can be opened up to transmit down to 40mhz or even better would be 35. Im waiting for one of the chinese companies to come out with a low priced portableor mobile that can transmit on regular public safety/business frequencies. I think that that could be a very big seller for them as there would be ALOT of people that are looking for lower priceed lowband radios. Up in New England we use alot of lowband frequencies for fireground channels and for countywide and inter-dispatch channels. Im not sure about the rest of the country but around here they would be very big sellers.

  2. I would buy one at $129 if it was a 6m/1.25m HT. I have a Wouxun 2m/70cm and am very happy with it but do not feel like having a bunch of 2m HTs to get these other bands.

    1. There are lots of choices out there for more bands.I went to a FREE FLEA Tailgate event this past weekend in jacksonville,Fla. & purchased a QUAD BAND 2,440,6,& 1.2 GIG ICOM T81A for just $100 from the original owner.It also included (2) batteries,a AA battery pack,wall charger,ICOM BC-119 drop in charger with the stock antenna.The HT is in Great condition & works Great on all bands.It also has the original box & manual & the Original bill of sale of $464.11 without the extra battery or battery pack.It is a Great addition to my collection of Ham Gear & HT's as well.Keep your eyes open always & you will find a deal also. {:>)

  3. First let me say that I'm happy to see the Chinese are making more niche radios, and it looks like a bold move which is good!

    There is always room for improvement, and I think that we, as consumers have to voice what we need and want.

    In this case, it is clear that they should have made this radio for 6m and 4m, it would probably sell great in Europe where there are not too many radios for this band, and in other places for ham travelers / frequent flayers to Europe, that probably already have a 2m / 70cm radio.

    I'd definitely like to see more radios for other bands too: 1.25m, 33cm & 23cm.
    For world wide sell-ability , if the only option is to have a Dual-band radio, they should go with a 6m / 23cm combo.

    To be honest, I think that Wouxun, Baofeng, TYT and the rest should start making Tri-band and Quad-band radios, and stop waisting the limited HT space on making a built in FM broadcast receivers that always seem to be outperformed by any cheap scan radio that you can get at the Dollar store (and can do FM stereo as well). It would be great to have a 6m-4m*/1.25m/33cm/23cm radio that can be useful world wide, wherever you go.


    * One of the bands they offer today for these radios is 66-88 MHz, re-tuning to lower the frequency by 17 MHz should be straight forward, 49-71 MHz can than cover both the 4m and 6m ham bands, cater for commercial users for the frequencies in between, and some hobbyists that experiment with low power radios on 49MHz (google it I'm not making this up).


    2. I just want it to go down to 44 MHZ as that is where we have a few dispatch channels, in the 44-50MHZ range, although the lower they go the better as we have a State Police hotline channel in the 30's

  4. I have purchased a vhf+6 meter woxaunI love this ht really hot receive. I would have a reverse type sma adapter to screw an external and on it.
    When you program make sure memory ch"s are set to hi power if repeaters you going in on need more than 1 watt cause u won't be able to change power setting in men mode manually - you can go into VFO and select hi or low though.
    Have beaofeng to woxaun has better speaker sound I had hoped they would made it more side banded overseas store ships em 14-22 days OMG! But there unlocked 44-68mhz. If hour sick of 2m band well program the entire radio for 6 meters my FM radio works on mine couple other people's didn't? That's all folks from Pittsburgh PA

    1. That is not true. While you are keying up your programmed frequency, push the TDR button. You will see the power drop to low. Do it again to go back to high, or change channels.