Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Anytone AT-588UV: USB

So many possibilities for the USB port:
"This is a suggestion I have made but have gotten no comment yet. The USB connection on the left side is actually no more than a charging voltage for cell phone type equipment. I suggested it would be more desirable to have this as a data port. I think I suggested they make it a second, parallel mic jack."


  1. Hi, there is a TV/AV port on the radio, it is for “Connect to television TV/AV” but what does it?

  2. I thought I had an interesting question ... Hello? Someone?

  3. Brick,

    Do you know what are the differences between all the UV-5R versions out there? Which is "better"?

    Amazon now has the UV-5R for $42 shipped.


    1. The difference between the models is only the case. Insides are all the same boards. They changed the case to make a difference between the Hong Kong models and the dealers in the USA. They were not suposed to release the different cases to Hong Kong (only the USA) but that never happened. Everyone has the new cases.

    2. Paul - he didn't mention it, but Dale sells these radios. Check out his site.