Friday, November 16, 2012

Anytone AT-5888UV: Name, Numbers, and Dates

More info on the name change and an update on the production timing and volumes from Ed at Import Communications via the Yahoo Group:

Who knows why they do the things they do? To make a distinction between China mainland sales and Overseas sales, Anytone decided to change the model name to AT5888UV for the overseas market. I don't know why didn't they use this new number for the China market, especially since 888 has the meaning of good luck in China.
100 radios are being produced right now. I will get as many as 50 of these but all have been spoken for. Large production will begin Dec 1st and I'm waiting on a shipping date for December.
When I'm given a firm shipping date for December, I will email that information to everyone on my "notify" list and will begin accepting orders. To add your name to this list, look for "Request re-stock notice?" at the bottom of the web page
Regards,Ed GriffinImport Communications

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