Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Anytone AT-5888UV: PD0AC Review

I noticed that Dale sold out of the radios in three hours this week. I saw this morning that Ed has more of the rigs for sale and then I saw the review from Hans. Please go to his site to read the entire review.

First, Ed reports these changes:
- Updated Microphone -- Added a built-in speaker in mic's front & a switch to defeat the Channel Up/Down button (which was easy to accidently hit). This switch was also supposed to lock all buttons on the mic, but not sure about that yet.
- Bracket for mounting detachable control head.
- Updated Firmware -- Several menu functions have been added. See the owner's manual for all functions.
- FCC Part 90 Certified -- ID # T4K-5888UV
The first item may address one of the concerns in Hans' review regarding the buttons, but I don't think it would change his conclusion:
"If I may be blunt: many flaws are impossible to live with. If I transmit, I want to be heard. If I listen, I don’t want to be annoyed by noise, distortion and high pitched tones."
He even goes on to recommend the Wouxun at this point:
"If I would like to own a Chinese mobile radio, I’d rather put my money in an improved version of the Wouxun KG-UV920R."
I think this reminds us, as it certainly is not news, that the Chinese process for design and manufacturing is to roll out models as quickly as possible, let the early adopters identify problems, and then fix the problems in subsequent releases.


  1. Just after posting my Anytone review, a Wouxun representative contacted me and asked to review the latest, improved version of the KG-UV920R. Results will be communicated back to the manufacturing plant.

    If all promises are kept, the radio will arrive tomorrow.

    1. I look forward to seeing what changes in the latest revision!

  2. This is all terribly frustrating to someone who has been waiting a year to finally purchase and install his first mobile rig!

    I was all set to buy an ICOM or Yaesu and then the Wouxun promised part 90 cert, dual receive, free programming software. Anytone comes along and adds a mic with built in speaker and the airband receive that the Wouxun was supposed to have.

    So I seem to be in a perpetual waiting status. At least I picked up a Wouxun handheld a while back.